Product: CODESYS Visualization

Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Release Note
VIS-2249 Bug

Bit is different in Trace and Visu-Trace elements

VIS-2247 Improvement

Visu: Use released VisuElementToolkit

VIS-2235 Bug

Visu: incorrect behavior with input action Visualization change to previous visualization

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
With the following code on a button - deactivate inputs
NOT _pCurrentClientData^.GlobalData.VisuHistory.IsPreviousPossible()
the button is greyed when no previous input is possible.

or for next:
NOT _pCurrentClientData^.GlobalData.VisuHistory.IsNextPossible()
VIS-2206 Bug

Visu, Trend: Button events do not work on top of a trend where gesture events are implemented.

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The solution only works if the zooming or panning variables are not set in the 'trend' element.
The problem does not exist if 'overlay' is used
The problem remains that the change does not work in the case where one of the zooming or panning variables is used in the 'trend' element
VIS-2205 Bug

visu element's events don't work on the trend graph

VIS-2204 Bug

Trend: Scrolling in the trend is very slow if the time scale is 30 min or higher

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates VIS-1998
VIS-2197 Improvement

WebVisu: It should be possible to save the login data (User/PWD) in the browser

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates VIS-1305
With the new Login Dialog (see https://content.helpme-codesys.com/en/CODESYS%20Visualization/_visu_create_groups_and_users_initially.html) the username and password can be stored in the password manager of the browser

For this, the browser settings must allow the storage of login data. Check the according security settings.
VIS-2184 Bug

Visu, HTML5-Controls: Calls to an action or a method in execute st code produces compile errors

VIS-2159 Bug

Visu, HTML5: Some unusable library variables starting with

VIS-2158 Bug

Visu, Login visualization: visualization from library does not display images

VIS-2131 Bug

[Trend Visu] - Trend attached control element instances are not displayed without closing/opening visualization window

VIS-2126 Bug

Update Environment Dialog: Unexpected update environment dialog when opening an old project which has already been saved with newer version

VIS-2124 Bug

Visu: Debugging code might crash (not compiled in normal applications)

VIS-2111 Bug

Visu: Refactoring: Variables assigned to Tap is not updated by Automatic Refactoring

VIS-2110 Bug

conversion for LREALis not working correct

VIS-2109 Bug

Visu, Polygon: Interior rotation with option use real value does not work anymore

VIS-2101 Bug

Adding VisuUserMgmt on just internal Visualization leads to errors

VIS-2098 Bug

Project compare: Project compare fails, error message appears

VIS-2087 Bug

Visu, Button: The color variable alarm color does not work

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
In the attached project the property "Color variables - Toggle color" was empty. When "<toggle/tap variable>" is inserted everthing works as expected.
VIS-2075 Bug

Project Compare: “Object GUID not found” when comparing a Visu

VIS-2074 Bug

Alarm Manager: Renamed alarm group is not imported correctly

VIS-2060 Bug

History Alarm Table list is blinking

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
This issue could not be reproduced with SP18 and Visu nor Visu
It was probably fixed by VIS-47.
VIS-2042 Bug

NullReference exception on write Variable (Enum)

Duplicate [[GENERAL]] This issue duplicates VIS-1699
VIS-2037 Bug

LibMan: Referenced visualization frame not found

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
This issue cannot be reproduced anymore because it was already fixed as part VIS-602
VIS-2020 Bug

Visu: Saving a visualization with more than 1000 elements takes a very long time

VIS-2012 Bug

WebVisu: Linebreak does not work when "Automatic decrease of font size" enabled

VIS-2004 Bug

Visu, ComboboxInteger: When a textlist is configured an additional entry is displayed when the property "Filter missing text entries" is not set

VIS-1998 Bug

Visu, Trend, Time Range Picker: After changing the time range, cursor does not work

VIS-1991 Bug

Visu, FrameInterface: A blue border line is not completely removed after the mouse up action

VIS-1990 Bug

Visu, FrameInterface: Label with editor type text is not displayed correctly online

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The visualization with the label with editor type text must be edited again to fix the error. The new information is stored after editing the visualization.
VIS-1980 Bug

Exception with activated client animation

VIS-1970 Bug

Mouse movement over a button leads to an error

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
This issue couldn't be reproduced neither with Codesys Sp17 Patch 3 and Visulization-Addon 4.2 nor Codesys Sp18 and Visualization-Addon 4.3. It was fixed with CDS-67550.
VIS-1968 Bug

Visu, File Transfer: Write access to a folder is possible for a device user with View only access rights when using streaming

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This issue will not be fixed for the following reasons:
* The feature "Filetransfer using Streaming" is not intended for directly transferring files as for that usecase there is the much easier configuration of directly transferring files using the basic Filetransfer. The intended usecase for "Filetransfer using Streaming" is to access data that is not file based (e.g. a stream of log messages...).
* When using the "Filetransfer using Streaming", then all the file accesses are in fact done by the application implementing the interfaces IVisuStreamReader / IVisuStreamWriter and therefore it would be the application's responsibility for checking access rights.
As doing such access right checks imposes additional effort (and according knowledge to do it right) to every application using the "Filetransfer using Streaming" this way, this is not recommended.
VIS-1967 Bug

Visu, File Transfer: If the logged in device user has view-only access to the target folder on the PLC, the VISU to PLC transfer remains in the busy state

VIS-1965 Bug

Wrong code generated in library namespace table of VISU__VISUALMANAGER__COMMONGVL

VIS-1956 Bug

Visu, Frame-Config: Not possible to configure explicit font

VIS-1955 Bug

Visu, Button: Mouse leave event does not work correctly in overlay

Cannot Reproduce
VIS-1952 Bug

Visu, Frame, Table: Paint bugs with row/cell selection

VIS-1940 Bug

Crash after opening WebVisualization using VPN connection to PLC

VIS-1939 Bug

VisualObject.Relationships.CheckRelationships doesn't allow root as parent

VIS-1937 Bug

Visu, AlarmManager: Fix storage related memory leaks in history mode

VIS-1936 Bug

Visu, LoginPage: Not displayed on linux based systems

VIS-1931 Bug

Visu: declared 'Login visualization' is not working when webvisu object contains Unicode Characters

VIS-1907 Bug

Alarm Manager: It is not possible to import a particular alarmgroup which was exported

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
To use the fix, a new export has to be done first.
VIS-1890 Bug

Visu, Frame-Interface: Description node causes compile errors

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The bugfix affects only newly inserted frame elements or frame elements that were updated because of a change in the frame-interface of the referenced visualization
VIS-1889 Bug

AvailableVisualizationsInLibrariesInputAssistantCategory.GetItems leads to ArgumentNullException

VIS-1876 Bug

Targetvisu, Overlay: Combobox Array is not scrollable

Cannot Reproduce
VIS-1846 Improvement

VisuDialogs: Should be warnings free

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] This issue cannot be reproduced as the according reason was already fixed with VIS-150
VIS-1844 Bug

Visu, Histogramm: Crash when histogramm is used in a frame with var_in_out

VIS-1841 Improvement

Webvisu: Relative access to WebVisuV3.bin

VIS-1840 Bug

HMI, DataSource: Exception occurs switching frames

VIS-1836 Bug

Visu, Combobox Integer, Textlist: Content changes after scrolling the open combobox

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
With visualization profile >= the Combobox Integer with Textlist and no filters starts with the first textlist entry and not at 0.
VIS-1828 Bug

Visu, Table: not possible to use array of struct with a constants to define array sizes in a FB

VIS-1827 Bug

Visu: Exception when exchanging dialogs in a single eventhandler

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
In the project the GetDialog method is used which always returns the first found instance. When more instances are configured, GetDialogToOpen should be used instead which gets the first unused dialog instance.
VIS-1815 Bug

Hotkeys Configuration: Exception when Action list opened and focus is set to other window than CDS

VIS-1805 Bug

Visu, Textfield: Sometimes the cursor cannot be set to the end

VIS-1790 Epic

Visu: Customizable and localizable standard dialogs

VIS-1700 Bug

Visu, Overlay: The new and delete button do not work in user mgmt dialog "OpenUserConfiguration" in overlay mode

VIS-1699 Bug

Visu: Unhandled exception for editing Input configuration in VisuElement

VIS-1678 Bug

Visu, Dialog: OnDialogClosed is called from another element when dialog is opened by IEC

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The error must be corrected in the application --> Won't fix

Because of compatibility with old projects, OnDialogClosed is called by all elements when no element is passed to OpenDialog.

That the correct element is called at OnDialogClosed, the IVisualElement must be passed at OpenDialog4.
Code at the button:
PRG.OpenDialogTargetVisu(sDialogName := 'Dialog02', pClientData, ive);

Code to open the dialog:

sDialogName: STRING;
pClientData : POINTER TO VisuElems.VisuStructClientData;
ive: VisuElems.IVisualElement;
DialogPosition: VisuElems.VisuStructSimpleRectangle;
itfDialogManagerSupportsCallingElement : VisuElems.IDialogManagerSupportsCallingElement;

IF _DialogManag <> 0 AND __QUERYINTERFACE(_DialogManag, itfDialogManagerSupportsCallingElement) THEN
// dialog to be handled is specified
_Dialog := _DialogManag.GetDialog(sDialogName);
IF (_Dialog <> 0) THEN
itfDialogManagerSupportsCallingElement.OpenDialog4(_Dialog, pClientData, TRUE, ADR(DialogPosition), 0, VisuElems.Visu_InputFlags.None, ive);
VIS-1670 Epic

HTML5-Controls for Application developers

On x86 installations of CODESYS signing HTML5-Controls can fail from time to time with an arithmetic overflow. This problem is caused by an internal issue in the underyling .Net Framework. As a workaround the signing process can be retried after some time or a restart of CODESYS.
On x64 installations this problem does not occur.
VIS-1668 Bug

Trace Configuration: trigger Inside the Trace element is enabled but a trigger level cannot be set

VIS-1659 Bug

Trend: time units of "measurement in every nth cycle" are not displayed correctly

VIS-1655 Bug

Visu, Trace: unqualified enum EAxisScaleMode causes naming problems

With Visualization Version >= only qualified EAxisScaleMode enum values can be used.
VIS-1648 Bug

Visu: object #0 of a groupbox takes on the input configuration of object #0 of the Visualization

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Requires visualization profile >=
VIS-1627 Bug

Trend Recording : Changes to the size limits are not always saved

VIS-1618 Bug

Null reference exception during project compare

VIS-1613 Bug

Create specific Namespace for AlarmConfiguration instead of using Guid.Empty

VIS-1595 Bug

CompileError in generated code when using table

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
In exististing projects the data array variable must be reconfigured once that the error no longer occurs.
VIS-1588 Bug

WebVisu: Codesys visualization is influenced by Windows scaling

VIS-1581 Bug

Visu, User Mgt project compare: the "group" parameter in user is not copied to the main project

VIS-1527 Bug

Visu, Dialog: Open dialog from a table leads to compile error with active property handling

VIS-1516 Bug

Disabled elements grayed out although option not set

VIS-1494 Bug

Visu, Webvisu: Zoom on input fields is not resetted

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
This issue prevents the (mobile) browser to zoom into an inputfield if either "Multitouch Handling" or "Handle Touch as Mouse events" is enabled.
VIS-1492 Bug

Visu, WebVisu: During reload of webvisu CURRENTCLIENTID is sometimes -1

VIS-1451 Improvement

Visu: New targetsetting for devices that support only Overlay

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
There is a new targetsetting with which the overlay mode is enforced for the configured device. If this targetsetting is set there will be a compile error if overlay is not active and if overlay is set then it isn't possible to deactivate it in the Visualization Manager.
Targetsetting: visualization\targetsupport\only_overlay
VIS-1445 Bug

Visu:VU.FbOpenDialogExtended.xModal:=FALSE then Flick control will be not available after close the dialog

VIS-1436 Bug

Visu, Overlay, Webvisu: Frame element flickers from 0/0 when multitouch is enabled

VIS-1434 Bug

Visu: Compile error displayed if a SpinControl has a value defined as constant

VIS-1426 Improvement

Visu, Filetransfer: Possibility to modify or skip "file transfer" dialog

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
This issue will be solved as part of the overall feature VIS-1790. Instead of a customizable dialog there will be a configuration option (active for newly configured file transfer inputactions) that prevents the need for this dialog entirely.
VIS-1403 Bug

Implementation of method CheckRelationships in the classes VisualObject do not consider POU

VIS-1394 Bug

IECVisualization: "VisuFbFrameBase.SetInputPositionData: The element id for the input position cannot be determined"

VIS-1387 Improvement

Visu: Refactor new code to prevent critical SonarQube errors

VIS-1379 Improvement

Visu: Remove folder PropertyView from Solution

VIS-1356 Bug

WebBrowser: Back and Forward behave wrong

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This issue cannot be fixed. Problem appears only when the origin of the webbrowser content differs from the webvisu origin.

The Same-origin policy limits Cross-origin script access for security reasons, see https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Security/Same-origin_policy#cross-origin_script_api_access.

The CrossOrigin-Properties provided do not allow read access to the foreign website, see https://html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage/browsers.html#cross-origin-objects so it's not possible to realize the expected navigation through the history.
VIS-1330 Bug

Visu, BrowserControl: Scaling of browser control does not work

VIS-1321 Improvement

Visu, Property Handling: Should be active by default in new projects

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
New targetsetting introduced which can be set in the device description:
<ts:section name="visualization">
<ts:section name="targetsupport">
<ts:setting name="generalpropertysupport" type="boolean" access="visible">
It requires Visu package version >=
VIS-1298 Improvement

Time range picker: Option to set the default for available time range (10sec) in the code

VIS-1292 Improvement

Use nuget package for Newtonsoft.json and update to latest version 13.0.1

VIS-1291 Improvement

Use nuget package for WibuCmNet and update to latest version 7.40

VIS-1285 Improvement

AlarmTable: Ack/Ack all Property in Alarm Banner

VIS-1273 Bug

Visu: When using a variable position for the Numpad of 'Write Variable' action in a table, an error occurs

VIS-1244 Bug

Visu, Overlay, SVG: Online- offline presentation in a frame scaled different

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Won't fix. It is recommeded, to use an svg, with similar proportions in width/height and viewbox. Otherwise, an unexpected display of the svg may happen.
VIS-1222 Epic

Visu: Language dependent fonts should support more than one entry

VIS-1145 Improvement

User management: Change user password at first login

VIS-1136 Bug

FPU Exception in Visualisation Code

VIS-1103 Improvement

Alarm PageUp/Down Property

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
PageUp/PageDown scrolls by the number of completely visible rows. The automatic line break feature is taken into account.
VIS-1101 Bug

Trend lines sometimes displayed in incomprehensible way

VIS-1090 Bug

Project Environment: The same visu profile can be selected twice

VIS-1083 Bug

Trend: some old data still displayed after deleting SQL data

VIS-979 Epic

Visu: UTF8 Support

VIS-901 Improvement

Visu: Adjust the integrated visu to work with the new MS Edge browser

VIS-832 Improvement

Visu, RTS-Based login: Localizing login pages should be possible

VIS-583 Bug

AlarmStorage: Maximum storage size exceeded

VIS-324 Improvement

Alarms: Limiting database by file size should be more or less exact

VIS-276 Bug

AlarmManager: The limitation to the "Maximum storage size" does not work comprehensibly