Product: CODESYS Modbus

Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Release Note
MODBUS-117 Bug

Modbus Serial: Using "Update Device" to change a Modbus Serial Device to a Modbus Master, COM Port results in leftover IO Mapping

MODBUS-108 Bug

ModbusFB Library: ServerTCP.uiPort other than default is not working

MODBUS-107 Bug

ModbusFB Library: no reset for Server request statistics

MODBUS-106 Bug

ModbusFB Library: uiPort input does nothing

MODBUS-105 Bug

IoDrvModbus: Using "IoDrvModbus.ModbusSlaveComPort_Diag" in a library leads to an error "C0046: Identifier '__MEMCOPY' not defined"

MODBUS-104 Improvement

ModbusFB library: replace systime container library with systimecore library

MODBUS-103 Bug

Modbus Slave Configurator: Coil / Discrete Inputs not updated

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Diuplicates Modbus-102
MODBUS-102 Bug

Modbus: Discrete Bit Area creates not all Bits in IO Mapping Editor

MODBUS-101 Bug

Modbus, TCP Slave: The options "Always update variables" can influence the return value

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Aleady fixed with CDS-68829 in version