Product: CODESYS EtherNet/IP

Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Release Note
EIP-536 Bug

Scanner: Exception on edit connection in online mode

EIP-530 Bug

Scanner: RegisterSession can remain in WaitforResponse

EIP-529 Bug

Adapter: CrossConnection should close also P2P connections

EIP-526 Improvement

Package: Update UDP Library to

EIP-525 Bug

Scanner: Sending of IO Packets is inconsistent

EIP-524 Bug

LLDP Test errors on RTE

EIP-522 Improvement

Improve EDS export performance

EIP-495 Bug

LLDP: Identity information is not in little endian format.

EIP-491 Bug

ACD: Rework implementation

EIP-489 Improvement

Filling byte datatype should be equal to according attribute.

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
New OEM customization offers the possibility to influence the default of the "Create I/O channels for padding data" checkbox.
Section: "DeviceEditorCIP"
Key: "CreateIoChannelsForPaddingData"
Type: bool
Default: false
EIP-487 Bug

Unnatural Japanese translation (1)

EIP-486 Bug

User parameter dialog shows double entries.

EIP-483 Bug

EthernetIpAdapter, EDS Export: EDS export calculates wrong connection size if module data size is not a full byte.

EIP-480 Improvement


EIP-479 Bug

LLDP: MsgTxInterval range problems

EIP-478 Bug

Error message shows empty values if min or max value is missing in EDS.

EIP-473 Bug

Ethernet/IP Remote Adapter: Hexadecimal negative numbers are interpreted wrongly

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
16#FF is no valid value for SINT. Ethernet/IP Editor allows all inputs which are allowed in ST Editor.
The hexadecimal representation for -1 is -16#1.
16#FF is a literal constant and represents 255 which is to large for a SINT.
EIP-466 Bug

Ethernet/IP Adapter (IEC): Adapter always accepts a non-zero Connection ID

EIP-464 Bug

Ethernet/IP Adapter (IEC): TCP/IP Interface object (0xF5) Encapsulation Inactivity Timeout (Attribute 13) is not retained

SetAttributeSingle for TCP/IP Object Configuration Control (Attribute 3) removed as it had no funtionality.
==> Please adapt SOC file for CT tool accordingly.
EIP-463 Bug

Ethernet/IP Adapter: ListIdentity max response delay is wrong if cycle time > 1ms

EIP-462 Bug

Ethernet/IP Adapter (IEC): Identity Reset will revert the QoS Attributes 4-8, which should be non-volatile

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Retains have to be implemented on the runtime system and compiler define CIP_RETAINS_SUPPORTED has to be set in PLC device description.
==> Cannot reproduce.
EIP-461 Bug

Ethernet/IP Scanner (IEC): Exception when run in simulation mode

EIP-460 Bug

GetEDSConnection does not identify connections right

EIP-459 Bug

ResetAdapter over AcyclicServices the Adapter with Scannerextenion doesn't restart on QNX

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Reset mechanism was reworked and improved with
EIP-458 Bug

Compile error with old essential libraries

EIP-457 Improvement

Ethernet/IP Adapter: Possibility disabling the creation of IO Channels.

EIP-456 Improvement

Ethernet/IP Scanner: Possibility disabling the creation of IO Channels.

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Using Ethernet/IP without I/O channels:
For saving memory the I/O channel creation can be completely deactivated by setting component CreateIoChannels to FALSE (Parameter Id 4).
The application can get the assembly data pointer from EtherNet/IP Target by calling GetAssemblyById. Accessing assembly data has to be done from buscycletask!
EIP-455 Bug

IoDrvEthernetIP: CloseAllConnections does not work if TCP connection is closed.

EIP-454 Bug

IoDrvEthernetIp: Garbage Memory when slave is not available

EIP-453 Improvement

Ethernet/IP Adapter (IEC): It should be possible for a modified device description to dissallow the selection of ACD

EIP-452 Improvement

Ethernet/IP Adapter (IEC): TCP/IP Object should have configurable status codes

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Not required by customer anymore because ACD can now be deactivated.
EIP-450 Bug

Ethernet/IP Scanner (IEC): If several connections to the one device are configured, duplicate ForwardOpen may be sent

EIP-448 Improvement

Implement LLDP Management Object Attributes LLDP Datastore and Last Change

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The CIP specification is very unclear at this point. We were in contact with ODVA and there is an official reply from the EtherNet/IP System Architecture SIG that attributes 4 and 5 are not required if the device only supports LLDP tansmission. Specification and CT tool will be adopted in future versions.

"I received a reply from the EtherNet/IP System Architecture SIG and they agree that attribute 4 & 5 should not be supported for a device which does not support LLDP reception. They also agree that the Data Table object makes no sense and should not be required for such cases."

EIP-447 Bug

Ethernet/IP Adapter (IEC): ListIdentity State should be 255 when requested via TCP unicast

EIP-446 Bug

Ethernet/IP Adapter (IEC): combined Ethernet/IP Scanner adapter writes garbage to O->T Bytes 604 onwards

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Was fixed with EIP-440. Not reproducable anymore.
EIP-445 Bug

FB execution will result in an error when the timeout expires

Cannot Reproduce
EIP-444 Improvement

IoDrvEthernetIpAdapter: I/O access via assembly

EIP-443 Improvement

IoDrvEthernetIpAdapter: Implement Capacity Enforcement

EIP-442 Improvement

IoDrvEthernetIp: I/O access via assembly

EIP-441 Improvement

IoDrvEthernetIp: Reconfigure for remote adapter

EIP-440 Improvement

IoDrvEthernetIP: Preparations for Reconfigure on adapter function block.

EIP-434 Improvement

EIP: Use Receive Message Function for identifying Broadcast Messages

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
No changes necessary. Changes already done in UDP library.
EIP-428 Bug

Ethernet/IP Scanner (IEC): Cannot edit a bitstring for the configuration data

EIP-400 Bug

Ethernet/IP Scanner (IEC): A REAL or LREAL in the configuration data might be rounded incorrectly

EIP-383 Improvement

Ethernet/IP Scanner (IEC): Allow the Symbol Name to be stored and sent with upper and lowercase letters

EIP-333 Bug

Incompatible with old runtimes not using Implementation-Interface Container for Sys Libs

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Already fixed with EIP-299
EIP-324 Improvement

Ethernet/IP Adapter: ACD should first probe for IP conflicts, and give it up if it is conflicted

EIP-299 Bug

Compatibility: it is not possible to use Runtime with IEC-Stack

EIP-272 Improvement

QoS: Change SetSocketOption calls

EIP-187 Bug

EDS: Minimum and maximum size for targetconfig and proxyconfig not implemented.

EIP-186 Bug

EDS: Connection values are not interpreted correctly in all cases.

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Already fixed with EIP-6
EIP-185 Improvement

Improve view of bitstring values

EIP-176 Improvement

Ethernet/IP Scanner: DeviceScan should show newest EDS file

EIP-174 Improvement

Ethernet/IP Configuration Data: changing a configuration data item blocks the IDE for 20seconds or more

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
For all performance improvements CODESYS or higher required.
EIP-166 Improvement

Ethernet/IP: A message should appear if settings of a generic connection include a defined connection path

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Already fixed in with EIP-384.
EIP-156 Improvement

Ethernet/IP Scanner (IEC): Use friendlier default values for the add generic connection dialog

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Implemented suggestions: 1, 2, 4
Not implemented:
-3: The size from the transfer format is calculated in the stack. The size in the editor is for the data
- 5: The transfer format of redundant owner connection could also have an other transfer format than "32-bit run/idle"
-6: The two options does not have a dependency to each other. It also has a too big limitation for a generic editor
EIP-155 Improvement

Ethernet/IP Adapter: Reduce jitter on sending frames

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Already implemented with FrameAtTaskStart device parameter.
==> Cannot reproduce.
EIP-135 Improvement

Ethernet/IP: Reduce Swapping of ByteOrder

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Resolved with EIP-372.