Product: CODESYS Core Dump

Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Release Note
CRDMP-12 Improvement

It should be possible to create a CoreDump and a Projectarchive in one user action

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
New command Debug-> Create PLC Crash Report that combines the creation of a core dump and projectarchive
CRDMP-4 Improvement

Coredump: Record Property-Getters with attribute "monitoring" on request

The attribute 'store_in_core_dump' is no longer evaluated by the core dump addon. All properties callable by the monitoring will be included in the core dump now when requested by the user.
CRDMP-3 Improvement

Coredump: The error message when loading the coredump must be improved


Core-Dump: position information missing for some call stack entries

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The callstack information cannot be displayed correctly because the referenced libraries in the project have been changed compared the last download.
So even though the core dump and compileinfo are compatible, the project itsself has been changed since the last download. The callstack references code from the library "sm3_robotics,", but the project references version now. Because of that the callstack entries cannot be matched to the project anymore.

A new message warns a user about this project state when loading a core dump.