Product: CODESYS Communication

Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Release Note
COMM-548 Improvement

Datasources: Check new product codes

COMM-515 Bug

IecVarAccess: IecVarAccGetNode4 returns same Node while accessing different Struct objects

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Not a bug. The value is identified by a combination of the interface handle, node handle and variable information structure. In this case, the instance is packed into the variable information structure.
COMM-512 Bug

Datasources, OPC UA Client: pointer is allocated incorrectly

COMM-511 Bug

Datasources: Write to readonly variables leads to inconsistent state between server and client

COMM-507 Bug

SymbolConfig: Child members of read-only or constant variables may be written.

COMM-506 Bug

IecVarAccess: IecVarAccGetAccessRights returns wrong access rights for components of complex data types

Up to now, members of structured data types had their own access rights. This lead to a situation, where the variable was read only, and the struct member was read write. In this configuration, it was not possible to write the complete structure, but it was possible to write the members using the IecVarAccess interface. This has been fixed, and the members use the minimal rights defined by the variable and the member itself.
COMM-505 Bug

Datasource, OpcUa: Bad behaviour for servers that monitor many nodes and report a high MaxMonitoredItemsPerCall

COMM-504 Bug

IecSymbolPublishing: Project is 'dirty' immediately after opening the editor

COMM-503 Improvement

OPC UA Datasources: Certificate validation should check the IP if this was used as url

COMM-502 Bug

IecSymbolPublishing: Code generation produces compile errors if object name contains invalid characters

COMM-496 Bug

Datasource, OpcUa: Browsing fails with NullReferenceException

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
More stable behaviour with expections while browsing a datasource. Add option to debug browsing by setting the environment variable CODESYS_DATASOURCE_OPCUA_DEBUG to a folder where log files are written.
COMM-492 Bug

Unexpected error in Symbol configuration with function block in library

COMM-491 Bug

Symbol Configuration, XML-Export: Wrong addresses of addressed variables in Symbol Configuration export file

COMM-489 Bug

Symbolconfig: Unicode identifiers do not work anymore if UTF8 compile option is set

COMM-488 Improvement

Symbolconfig, Communication Manager: Add warning if enumeration has a base type of UINT32, INT64, UINT64

COMM-484 Bug

Symbol Publishing Editor: Internal error when publishing alias of DUT

The bugfix is only effective for newly added SymbolTypes
An already existing configuration still has the problem.
A better error message (incl. a hint how to solve the problem) is displayed instead of the internal error with the unhandled exception
COMM-478 Bug

Datasources: Autotest with DataSourceVariablesUpdater does not work anymore

COMM-473 Improvement

Update to latest UA.Net nuget V1.4.371.41

COMM-472 Improvement

Use nuget package for Newtonsoft.json and update to latest version 13.0.1

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
All references are already to version 13.0.1
COMM-466 Bug

Symbolconfig: Assertion messages if exported types are to large

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Report a compile error for numeric overflows of sizes/offsets in the symbol configuration.
COMM-465 Bug

OPC UA Alarms & Conditions prototype: Null reference exception while searching for events

COMM-464 Epic

App Based Licenses: Number of variables published through the OPC UA Server shall be limitable by license

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The number of used tags for all editors allowing to publish variables through the OPC UA Server or to subscribe to them by the OPC UA Client are counted and diplayed in a structured way in the Licensed Software Metrics Dialog.

Furthermore the new symbol configuration allows a detailed view and browsing of the exported variables and types.
COMM-462 Bug

OPC UA Information Model: By changing the device name, the information model must be inserted again.

COMM-459 Bug

Compiler, Symbols: Wrong byte values for Array Of Array

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Accident of CDS-7191
COMM-456 Bug

OpcUaClient, Datasources: The selected information model is not stored if a different information model is selected

COMM-455 Bug

OPC UA Information Model: Enumeration types in Structures lead to nullref-Exceptions

COMM-450 Improvement

Datasource, Symbolic: Improve PLCHandler logoutput

COMM-446 Bug

Information Model: Unhandled exception if adding specific subtypes

COMM-435 Bug

HMI: Compile errors with certain identifiers and disabled "insert items structured"

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
This issue duplicates COMM-434
COMM-434 Bug

DataSources, OPC UA Client: items with leading underscores can't be used without "insert the items structured"

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The new mechanism comes only into effect if the Datasource is initialized completely new. This includes deleting the generated folder "Datasources_Objects" and Updating all variables in the datasource.
COMM-431 Bug

SymbolConfig: wrong type for structure components that contain a reference

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The feature behaves as intended. The customers problems had other reasons.
COMM-429 Improvement

Symbol Config: Variable names using unicode identifiers cannot be exported with the new symbol config

COMM-390 Bug

Datasource OPC UA Server: Error ID: 7002 is not translated to English

COMM-322 Improvement

SymbolConfig: Call FB_Exit recursively in IEC library instead of explicitly in generated code for online change.

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Very old idea which did not prove to a an issue so far even after rewriting the symbol configuration. Will not implemented.
COMM-265 Bug

DataSouceManager, attribute signatureoverloadnamespace not inserted automatically

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
In the column "Remote type" the type must be specified with namespace. Then the type is created with {attribute 'signatureoverloadnamespace' := 'NS_TFL'}
"Local type" "Remote type"
COMM-259 Improvement

Datasources: add support for enums OPC UA Client

COMM-222 Bug

Datasources: It takes a long time to rename a type in the specific customer project