Product: CODESYS Communication

Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Release Note
COMM-381 Bug

OPC UA Client: Node ID 11714 "MaxMonitoredItemsPerCall" should be optional

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
If the node MaxMonitoredItemsPerCall is not available a default value of 100 is used instead. The user can change this default value by using the UserConfigurationV1 Structure.
COMM-326 Improvement

OpcUaClient, Datasources: Allow to copy an endpoint from an available endpoint into the configution

COMM-325 Improvement

OpcUaClient, Datasources: Create a default Credentialsprovider authentificated connection

COMM-314 Improvement

Opc UA Client: Support online browsing of servers with encrypted communication

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The opc ua client supports signed/encrypted communication with opc ua servers and allows to create self-signed certificates on the fly
COMM-313 Bug

Symbolconfiguration: Collecting the statistics about the exported symbols is extremly slow

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Improve performance of the symbol statistics feature.
The reported number of symbols might be much smaller for some projects, since the base type pointers/references is not counted as exported anymore.
COMM-303 Bug

Datasources, UA Client: manually entered variable not updating

Cannot Reproduce
COMM-302 Bug

Datasource, UA Client: variables not updating

COMM-287 Bug

InformationModel: Properties have wrong type definition

COMM-264 Bug

Information Models: Strange problems with wellknown information models

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The processing logic how to reference required information models is kept unchanged, because already correct (the minimum version is used, that is equal or newer the required version).
A warning is displayed if the user uninstalls the UA or DI information model.
The compile error reports the missing information model in missing information model repository.
COMM-263 Improvement

New Symbol Configuration: New added symbols might be invisible if currently a filter is active

COMM-262 Improvement

DatasourceEditor: Bad usability with OPC UA Client and global variables

COMM-261 Bug

OPC UA Server: automatically created Enumerations of Information Model should have base DINT

COMM-260 Improvement

DataSources, OPC UA Client: When the Server contains an ARRAY OF ENUM, these variables are not shown in the Browse

COMM-256 Improvement

Information Model Editor: Improve usability of instance creation

COMM-255 Bug

Simplified Editor: Do not show tag Symbolconfiguration_missconfigured

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Won't Fix, because a standard OPC UA client can only access the published data if the option 'Support OPC UA features' of the SymbolConfiguration is active.
If this option is not active the value of the published symbol "Symbolconfiguration_missconfigured" indicates the erroneous configuration: "Please activate 'Support OPC UA Features' within the symbolconfiguration editor".
With CDS-80893 the name of this published symbol will be changed to a more neutral name.

The behaviour is also reproducible if only the SymbolConfiguration is present, i.e. the presence of the IECSymbolPublishing object does not have any effect on this behaviour.
COMM-252 Improvement

Downgrade the AddOn to SP17 Patch 3 SDK

COMM-251 Improvement

Datasources, OPC UA Client: Improve logging by DatasourcesOpcUA

COMM-250 Improvement

New Symbol Configuration: Support CTRL-A to select all elements

COMM-243 Improvement

Simplified Editor: Better performance for publishing lots of symbols

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
duplicates COMM-248
COMM-242 Improvement

Simplified Editor: Tooltip for "Why does my variable not appear?" does not appear if clicked

COMM-241 Improvement

Simplified Editor: Make Dialog Read Only while online

COMM-239 Improvement

UA Client: add support for enums

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Enums can now be browsed (online and offline) but are only offered with the corresponding base type (e.g: DINT).
COMM-234 Bug

Datasources: Update variables dialog not recoginzing unstructured variables

COMM-212 Improvement

DataSources: remote object PLC_PRG won't be renamed

COMM-204 Improvement

UTF-8 Strings: Support for OPC UA Server

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
There is a new ContentFeatureFlag "StringsAsUTF8" if the project is configured as UTF8
COMM-199 Bug

Symbol config proposes OPCUA setting for not supported devices in SIMULATION mode

COMM-172 Bug

OpcUaClient, Datasource: permanent communication error when wrong variable added

COMM-109 Improvement

Datasource, OpcUa: Remember last made connections so they can be selected faster

COMM-54 Epic

New User Interface and workflow for the Symbol Configuration

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
A new object and editor is available below the communication manager object. It allows publishing of data from the IEC Application over OPC UA without having to import a specific information model.
For OPC UA it is meant as a replacement of the Symbol Configuration object.
COMM-42 Epic

Support symbol sets in new symbol configuration

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
* For each Symbol Set a new Editor instance is created below the "Communication Manager.OPC UA Server" object
* Each Symbol Set is published as a Folder with its name belows the Objects folder in the OPC UA Server.
COMM-32 Improvement

Datasource OPC UA: Support authentication with username and password