CODESYS Product Families

Professionelles Engineering von Automatisierungsprojekten nach IEC 61131-3

CODESYS Engineering

Professional Engineering of IEC 61131-3 Automation Projects


IEC61131-3 controllers from intelligent devices (embedded to PC based) with the adaptable Runtime System CODESYS Control.


CODESYS Visualization

Creation of professional visualization interfaces fully integrated in the PLC development system – Display on PCs, target devices, and in web browsers

CODESYS Fieldbus

Integrated fieldbus support in the IEC 61131-3 tool, from CAN, to Profibus up to realtime Ethernet, including the protocol stacks.

Logik- und Bewegungssteuerung in einem einzigen IEC 61131-3-System: Baukasten zur Projektierung von Motion-Anwendungen bis hin zur CNC-Steuerung.


Logic control and motion integrated in one single IEC 61131-3 system: Development kit for everything from basic motion applications to advanced CNC controllers.


DIN 61508 Safety software – solutions for all SIL2 and SIL3 applications, fully integrated in CODESYS.

Training, consulting and development directly from the manufacturer of CODESYS.

CODESYS Services

Training, consulting and development services directly from the manufacturer of CODESYS.

Inspiring Automation Solutions