CODESYS in Mobile Automation

IEC 61131-3 automation software for mobile applications – easy to integrate and proven in thousands of vehicles.


CODESYS is the number one development system for ECUs in mobile machines. CODESYS controllers can be found in many construction machines, cranes, fork lift trucks and mining equipment.

Benefits of CODESYS for mobile automation

  • CODESYS turns powerful industrial PCs but also compact embedded devices into IEC 61131-3 controllers which can be developed with the same tool.
    ⇒ An identical development system and identical applications for compact IP67 controllers in rough environments or standard PLCs in a control cabinet.

  • CODESYS offers integrated configurators and protocol stacks in form of portable CODESYS libraries for all standard fieldbuses in the mobile machines industry like CAN / CANopen / J1939.
    ⇒ There is no need to buy and learn additional tools for training or maintenance.

  • CODESYS is certified for safety applications to DIN IEC 61508 SIL2 and is thus especially suitable for safety applications in mobile machines.
    ⇒ Additional tools to provide safety functionality are not required.

  • The CODESYS TargetVisu is ideally suited for the operation and maintenance of mobile machines directly on the controller.
    ⇒ No additional control panels required.

Information material

CODESYS brochures and information material

Download industry brochure: CODESYS in Mobile Automation »



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CODESYS in Factory Automation

CODESYS in Mobile Automation

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CODESYS in Building Automation

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